Fort Missoula's Military Cyclists:

The Story of the 25th U.S. Infantry Bicycle Corps

Linda C. Bailey
Published by The Friends of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

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Iron Bicycles & Buffalo Soldiers

The 25th Infantry Bicycle Corps

Words by Adam Hunt, Photos courtesy of Stan Cohen
Dirt Rag Magazine

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Pedaling on the Periphery:

The African American Twenty-Fifth Infantry Bicycle Corps and the Roads of American Expansion

Alexandria V. Koelle

In the late 1890s, African American infantrymen stationed in Montana tested the bicycle for its military utility through a series of extended trips. Representations of the bicycle corps in photographs, newspapers and Army reports demonstrate the differences and similarities in race relations between the new western states and the East.

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Steel Horses

The US Army's 1896-1897 Bicycle Corps

Terra Hangen
The Elks Magazine, March 2011

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The Military History of Fort Missoula

Wallace J. Long

Read Publication (PDF, 15 pages, 1.5MB)

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