• We invite you to the grand opening of "Growing the Garden City: 150 Years of Missoula's History" 1 to 4pm Saturday, April 12
  • Dr. Robert M. Brown will be retiring as Executive Director. Read the notice. Read the interview.
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Today's hours:12pm – 5pm

The Latest at the Museum

Check in on the Curator's Corner for the latest musings about what is happening at the museum.

The Case of the Curious Curator: Shhh, I’m not telling you this

Apr 11, 2014
You’ve lucked out citizens because I am giving you a sneak peak into the Historical Museums new gallery; “Growing the Garden City: Missoula’s first 150 years”. When you walk into the gallery there are a myriad of strange and exciting artifacts. A wooden wheel reposes on a wall, while a mannequin clothed in military finery […]
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The Case of the Curious Curator: War and the University

Apr 4, 2014
It was 1917 and the air was tense on the University Campus. War had begun three years previously and the United States had finally decided to enter into the conflict. There was a heated passion on campus, the youth were mobilized towards a cause, and the University was prepared to help the crusade in any […]
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The Case of the Curious Curator: The Name Game

Mar 25, 2014
Recently I’ve become curious about the names of things. As a student at the University of Montana, I am on campus almost every day, and I never once thought to ask myself why the dorm halls are named as they are. When I was at the museum earlier this week I came across a book […]
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