Winter Grounds

Museum Grounds Winter 2010
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It sure is pretty here when the snow falls.

2010-2011 Grounds Projects

Grant Creek Schoolhouse Roof Replacement

2010 year saw a lot of work around the grounds of Fort Missoula. Have a look at some of our updated buildings!

Work done included:

  • Timber Building Floor Repair
  • NCO Quarters Log Sealant Application
  • Miller Creek Guard Cabin Log Sealant Application
  • Homestead Cabin Window Replacement
  • Homestead Cabin Loft Floor Repair
  • Homestead Cabin Re-Chinking & Daubing Evaluation
  • Removal of Damaged Trees
  • Grant Creek Schoolhouse Roof Replacement
  • Grant Creek Schoolhouse Re-painting
  • Grant Creek Schoolhouse ADA Ramp Replacement
  • Building T1 Asbestos Removal Project
  • Building T1 Basement Collections Storage Painting

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grounds tour

The Museum Grounds are always open, always free. We have a printable Grounds Tour Map available to you to asist with your Historical Museum Visit.

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ADC Barrack

"Detained for the Duration - Ft. Missoula Alien Detention Center (1941-1944)"
Italian: From Sea to Shining Sea; American Japanese: Crown Thy Good w/ Brotherhood [ADC Internee exhibit]
Running 05/29/00 - Present & 05/27/02 - Present

St. Michael's Church

"Sisters of Providence" .Sister's of Providence & Jesuit exhibit. Running 05/04/08 - Present

Drummond Depot

"Rails Through Missoula (Waiting Room)" Missoula railroad exhibit. Running 07/04/1997 - Present

Restored "The John Barrows Memorial Ticket Office" Running 05/01 - Present

Miller Creek Guard Cabin

Tipi-Burner Tipi-Burner, c.1946; moved 2006.

"Fire Lookouts" Fire lookout exhibit. Running 1988 - Present.

Homestead Cabin

Closed for restoration and exhibit development. Running 04/01/08 - Present

Sliderock Lookout

"Fire Lookout Exhibit" Running 1983 - Present.

Root Cellar

Exterior restoration completed 2004, remains closed to public. Running 2004 - Present

Grant Creek School

"Grant Creek Schoolhouse" (Coatroom) Running 05/21/94 - Present

Timber Building

"Timber" Timber industry exhibit, to be re-envisioned and expanded with addition of Mike Roney Crosscut Saw Collection. Running 04/24/99 - Present