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Current Exhibit: Behind the Scenes: HMFM Basement Storage

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Start Date:
April 2016
End Date:
November 6, 2016

Ever want to see behind the scenes of a museum- into the depths of the storage collection areas? This exhibit is pretty darn close to that! Learn what is stored below your feet at HMFM- the basement collections storage area!

Exhibit Gallery

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Past Exhibits

Community Exhibit: Willard Alternative High School

Willard Alternative High School is known for offering an alternatively formatted high school experience for students who realize that traditional high school isn’t the best fit for them. Willard boasts a low teacher to student ratio, focuses on hands-on learning over tests and note taking, operates on a trimester system and has different school hours than the rest of the Missoula high schools.

Project based learning (PBL) is an important component of a Willard education. After Kristjana’s initial visit to Willard, which included a lively discussion about the 25th infantry at Fort Missoula, Rachel’s class became very interested in the idea that something so unusual and significant (like the army bike experiment) could be virtually forgotten by the participants themselves. They wondered about their own lifetimes and the significance of the events in their own lives. The Willard students decided to approach HMFM about a PBL project. The class was curious about how museums decide what to collect, how artifacts are preserved and stored and how a curator decides what to display. Kristjana, Nicole and Rachel decided that the students would visit the museum for one class period to lean the processes of museum work.

The class set out to create a museum display of artifacts from their own time and place in history with an eye toward answering how objects define a culture and a society and how do we preserve and present these objects for historical interpretation. Each student contributed objects and descriptions of these objects. Each object displayed has a significant role in defining the individual student, their school, and their place in today's youth culture.

HMFM Annual Holiday Exhibit: Teddy Bears!

Exhibit will be open through January 2016

It's time for our annual Holiday Exhibit at HMFM! This real we have unleashed all of our furry teddy bears- almost 200 in total! Come out and see all of our friendly bear friends- and play a fun teddy bear matching game. You can even learn a little about the first teddy bear ever made and some of the most popular bears out there like Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear!

Life at the Confluence: Riverside Stories and Prints by Sam Berry

Life at the Confluence is the history of people and their stories from a small place where rivers converge in Western Montana. During the summer of 2012, four residents of the Bonner-Milltown area were interviewed and asked questions about their family photos- many of which are included in the exhibit. These interviews provided hours of wonderful stories about what it was like to live and grow up in the area. The original prints, by Sam Berry, enliven the stories and allow viewers to interact with history in new way.

The History of Montana Beer

Did you know that there are over 40 breweries in the state of Montana- with 10 more projected to open by 2016? Did you know that on average, Montanans consume nearly 30 million gallons of beer per year? Montana's love of beer is nothing new, but actually quite historic! Come learn about Montana's historic passion for beer at our brand new beer exhibit!

University of Montana

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