Tour Inquiry Form

Scheduling Help Checklist:
  • Please schedule guided visits and outreach 2-3 weeks in advance for groups under 60, and 3-4 weeks in advance for 60-140+ participants.
  • Self-guided visits require 2 days advanced scheduling. Free tour maps and independent scavenger hunts are provided upon request.
  • Please specify needs or accommodations when making reservations.
  • Please complete the Tour Inquiry form in order to begin the scheduling process. Staff will contact you for final arrangements upon receipt of the completed Tour Inquiry.
  • Detailed descriptions of tours and stations can be found here.
  • Directions:

    From the intersection of South Avenue and Reserve Street, continue west on South Avenue past the hospital and Big Sky High School. Turn left (across from Big Sky High School) onto the new extension of 36th street, turning back towards the museum on Green Guidon Way. Turn right at the stop sign and continue into the parking lot.

    Parking for buses is in between signage, parallel to the cedar fence in front of or opposite the Main Museum building. Exit by the drive to the right.


    Group Information
    Dates and Times 1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice 1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice
    Tour Information
    A Homesteader’s Life for me!
    Homestead Cabin
    St. Michael’s Church
    Grant Creek School House
    Missoula History Tour
    Making History Through Objects
    Collecting Missoula – Life in Early Missoula
    Missoula’s Streetcar #50
    St. Michael’s Church
    Making History Through Objects
    Collecting Missoula – Indoor tour and activity (opens May 14th)
    The Place We Live – Indoor tour and activity
    Grant Creek Schoolhouse – Extended
    Apple Days - (Fall only)
    Apple Pressing
    Homestead Cabin
    Fire Lookout Tour
    Grant Creek School House
    Indoor Exhibit Tours
    Missoula Streetcar #50
    Fort Missoula Military History – Late 19th/early 20th century
    Grounds Tours
    Fort Fizzle
    25th Infantry Bicycle Corps Activity
    Making History Through Objects
    Civilian Conservation Corps
    Fort Missoula – WWII Alien Detention Center
    Tour of ADC barracks
    Tour of Courtroom, T1
    Guided Discussion and wrap up
    Forestry and Fires
    Tour of both fire lookouts
    Fire science activity
    Tour of sawmill, tipi burner and related equipment
    Tour of Lumberman’s library car, Shay type locomotive and associated rail cars
    Transportation, Then and Now
    Forestry Railway Tour
    Drummond Depot
    Missoula Streetcar #50
    Missoula: always a bike friendly town?
    The Road to Today: 250 Years of Missoula’s History
    Orientation Gallery – changing exhibits, call for more information
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