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historical museum education trunksMissoula History Through Children's Eyes Education Trunk

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Fort Fizzle Trunk

Students have fun reenacting local history. Pick a character or a group to represent, don a costume, and role play using a script. Learn the tactics and blunders made by 7th Infantry Army Captain Rawn at Fort Fizzle. Discover the challenges faced by Chief Looking Glass and the Nez Perce in passing near present day Lolo, Montana. Historic replicas include an Army cap, 2 uniform shirts, cartridge belt, canteen, trowel bayonet, photographs and maps of the site. Grades 4-9. Call to reserve the trunk for a free 2-week checkout.

Missoula History Through Children's Eyes Education Trunk

This new education trunk is available for teachers to check out free-of-charge for a 2-4 week period or presented by a museum docent. The complete trunk can be checked out, or the separate components can be checked out individually depending on classroom needs and interests. This is an ideal option for 3rd graders studying local history. The hands-on, interactive trunk includes the following components:

  1. Component 1: Before Settlers 1700 – 1870s
  2. Children on the Way: Transportation
  3. Children and Their Land
  4. Children at Home
  5. Children in Town
  6. Children at School
  7. Children and Art (Primrose Montessori Preschool children display their paper quilt)

Note: photos below correspond to the components listed above.

Outreach Programs

Let us come into your classroom and share a program with your students!

Learning From Objects

How do we know what happened in the past? We’ll explore all of the ways people learn about and create histories, leading to how we learn the stories of the past from artifacts, photographs and other primary sources. Students will learn to analyze an object and reflect on what it can tell us about the past. After a practice round, students will work in groups to record a group of artifacts and share the results with the class. This is a fun way to help kids think critically about how we learn about the past and compare and contrast how humans lived over time. The discussion can be geared towards any time in history, however most of the artifacts available for the activity will be 19th-20th century objects.

Grades: K-12 (also suitable for youth groups and homeschool groups)
Length: 45 – 90 minutes (depending on available class time)
Group size max: 1-2 classes
Limited availability. Reserve 3 weeks in advance.

Fire Lookouts

Learn about the historic development of firefighting methods, what tools were used, and how fires were managed by the U.S. Forest Service in response to the 1910 fires. Hear about the daily duties of a lookout. See the handmade model made by a former smokejumper and lookout which illustrates the development of mountain top fire-sighting homes, from the crow's nest and tent to the guard cabin and L-4 lookout.

Grades 2-9
Length: 45 minutes
Group size max: 1 class

"My Memories of the Frontier" by Captain Charles Rawn

Museum Director Bob Brown takes Captain Rawn of the 7th Infantry and founder of Fort Missoula, on the road to discuss America's Frontier Army. Special attention is given to the founding of Fort Missoula and the tactics and blunders made in the attempt to stop the Nez Perce Indians in 1877.

Grades 9-12
Length: 45 minutes
Group size max: 1-2 classes
Limited availability. Reserve 3 weeks in advance.