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Pocket Watches

The history of pocket watches began around 1700 and they are still on the market today. Their rich history made them to look more valuable and brought lots of importance for their usages. Pocket watches have different shapes, colors and designs and each of them carries historically significant importance. The pocket watches with a heavy gold chain were considered the most popular and fancy among other kinds of pocket watches. They had a high demand because people acknowledged them as symbol of importance.

The primary differences between a watch and clock is portability. Peter Henlein from Germany was the first person who created many different watches. They were made of iron and designed in a drum shape that stood about six inches high. Henlein accomplished his great work in making watches in about 1500.

 Later on, he came up with with different idea of creating a special watch for ladies. The models watches designed as medal and chain shapes. Ladies were comfortable wearing those model watches on a sturdy chain around their neck. Mary Queen of Scots had one of the most popular kind of these watches. It came in the shape of human skull and had the inscription; “The impartial foot of pale Death visits the cottages of the poor and the places of kings”
              In 19th century watches were popular and most of them carried in the pocket.”Men did not wear wrist watches for fear of being thought effeminate.”