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Madame Mary Gleim's West Front Street Location

Curator’s Corner | September 2010

Enthusiasm is critical in museum work.  A true passion for our vocation and a genuine intellectual curiosity, one might argue, is nearly as important as the professional collections management skills essential for the care, display, and long-term preservation of museum collections.  For this very reason, the Department of Collections has been most fortunate to welcome our new staff member, Kim Kaufman, whose unbridled zeal for her latest collections discovery is the subject of this edition of the Curator’s Corner.

Jason R. Bain, Curator of Collections,

Collections Aide-de-Camp Unearths “Lost” 1910-Era West Front Street Photos

Article by Kim Kaufman, Collections Aide-de-Camp

Historians love photographs; old photos, new photos, any photos.  For me, a self-described “local history sleuth,” I can think of no better way to slake my lust for history than a recent assignment to sort through the Museum’s photographic collections in order to satisfy reproduction requests from two local Missoula websites.  My task in hand, in short order I was happily enveloped in Missoula’s sepia-toned history. Continue reading