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Curator’s Corner | August 2010

Despite the 90° forecast for this afternoon, the summer is rapidly drawing to a close.  Hunters and Griz fans alike are gearing up for the upcoming seasons, and when neither ungulate nor bobcat is safe in Montana it can only mean that fall is nearly upon us.  Here at the Museum that also means that the time has come to look back on the year in review; our accomplishments, our future plans, and the many wonderful events and people that make Fort Missoula such a special place to be a part of.

Department of Collections Projects:
After many long months of drafting policy, updating records, and identifying the unidentifiable items deposited in the Warehouse storage yard sometime during the Carter Administration we have reached the finish line of the American Association of Museums (AAM) Re-Accreditation process.  Having completed our accreditation team site visit in April with flying colors, the official stamp of approval was heralded this month by a well-worn staff and an Executive Director sane and secure in the knowledge that the next such test will befall those of us that remain sometime after his retirement.  But this designation is more than just a reason to celebrate an end to administrative toil, it is truly a feather in our collective cap.  As one of only 6 AAM-accredited museums in the state, we are acknowledged as an institution meeting the highest precepts of professional museum practice.  As Curator, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the untiring contributions of collections staff and our outstanding cadre of docents and volunteers who have made this achievement possible.  The entire Missoula community is indebted to their labors. Continue reading